Human Preference Intelligence for AI Driven Ecommerce

Jan 22, 10:00AM PDT(06:00PM GMT).
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There is an ongoing challenge in computer science to build [HCI driven], human-centric intelligent systems, especially in the area of Ecommerce. Current computer systems operate on principals of binaryand linear logic. While humans, on the other hand, operate on an invisible system of individual human preference, controlling purchase behavior and product decisions.

The monstrous challenge for computer and data scientists, explicit vs. implicit human behavior, the dichotomy of computer science and human centric abstraction. Current systems use binary, linear, non-sensory inputs yielding machine made outputs. Missing in the global Ai conversation, human preference intelligence. Millions of human preference data inputs, specific to each person, each product, each business.

In this webinar, I will explain how AI can be leveraged, using the framework of soft computing, neuro-fuzzy logic, granularity and multi-agent systems to design and build interactive, intelligent knowledge platforms able to elicit individual human preference. Resulting in highly persuasive personalized intelligence for use in numerous business use cases including recommender systems, marketing, product design and execution. And the kicker? Sensory-preference profiled products!

Cynthia Holcomb

Founder of Prefeye, is pioneering the Art and Science of Preference. Her mission: humanize the digital experience, crossing the current emotional and sensory engagement barriers imposed by the digital world.
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