Package Management for Machine Learning Models

Jan 03, 10:00AM PDT(06:00PM GMT).
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Guild AI is an open source toolkit that facilitates model reuse for application development by applying traditional software packaging constructs to the domain of machine learning.

Package management strategies are central to successful software ecosystems. Examples include npm for JavaScript, APT for Debian, and pip for Python. Such tools excel at creating traditional software packages. Machine learning applications,however, present unique requirements that call for tool specialization.

In this presentation, Garrett Smith discusses how Guild AI combines the proven effectiveness of package managers with novel features to enable model reuse for application development across a variety of use cases

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is creator of Guild AI, an open source toolkit for automating ML operations and packaging and sharing complex ML workflows and artifacts. Garrett has over 20 years experience in software engineering and systems operation. Prior to his work on Guild AI, Garrett co-founded Stax Networks, which was acquired by CloudBees, where he led development and management of PaaS operations. Garrett is passionate about open source and open science in support of software engineering and research collaboration. He is a frequent speaker and instructor in the fields of machine learning and programming. In his spare time he builds speaker amps and maintains wild yeast cultures for his newfound bread baking hobby
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